Kentucky Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus


Mission & Benefit of Membership


Established in 1993, the Kentucky Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus (KACVB) is a non-profit Kentucky association with membership exclusive to executive directors of tourist & convention commissions and convention & visitors bureaus in Kentucky. The purpose of KACVB is to provide the following benefits to executive tourism directors across the state:


  • Encourages ongoing educational opportunities for members that enhance their proficiency.

  • Maintains relationships with other tourism industry organizations that address common issues.

  • Supports high standards of professional practices throughout the tourism industry.

  • Provides forums for personal interactions among members (networking).

  • Monitors and influences government policies and programs affecting members and the tourism industry.

  • Improves public awareness and understanding of the tourism industry’s economic and social contributions to society.

  • Provides professional development to tourism directors through networking, meetings, and seminars.

  • Membership is exclusive to only executive directors of tourist commissions and visitors bureaus.

Kentucky Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus

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Kentucky Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus

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